Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Idea from Bill Allegrezza's blog and Jennijot blog (see links at right)

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Ride my bike again
2. Sail in Maine and then down the coast as far as I can go.
3. Publish a series of novels that people like and buy
4. Make love passionately with a man who loves me with passion
5. Dance and play the piano again
6. Drive without getting dizzy
7. Visit every friend I've missed since I've been sick

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Write
2. Create
3. Listen
4. Laugh at myself
5. Survive an intolorable situation if I have to
6. Create graphics
7. Be a good friend

Seven Things I Cannot Do (for the last 15 years):
1. Drive to the grocery store or run errands
2. Mow the lawn
3. Travel
4. Remember things easily unless I write them down
5. Talk without losing my voice
6. Tolorate boredom
7. Gain my independence...yet

Seven Things That Attract Me to Someone:
1. Brains
2. Sense of humor
3. Eyes
4. Gentle spirit/Kindness/Acceptance
5. Openness to different points of view
6. Inquisitive nature/curiosity/a seeker
7. Sensual nature

What would your answers be? Feel free to add them to the comment box.


Berenice said...

Here are mine....

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1: Own a washing machine (and not have to either wash by hand or trudge to the launderette)!!
2: Swim without fear.
3: Learn to speak the language of my country (the one I settled in more than twenty one years ago)...Welsh.
4: Learn to play a musical instrument.
5: Walk the walks that.. A: my dad did when he left home at the age of fifteen and spent five years in Cheshire, B: My parents did when they went hiking during the first few years of their marriage.
6: Meet someone who knew (as adults) both of my parents as children and ask them what they were like.
7: See one clear photograph of myself as a baby.

Seven Things I Can Do:
1: Read.
2: Write.
3: Walk two miles alongside the ocean.
4: Hold a two way conversation with my mum and my brother.
5: Be there for anyone who might need a friend.
6: Design a webpage with html code despite having been one step from the remedial class in all forms of maths in school.
7: Sing.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1: Swim.
2: Hold a two way conversation with my dad.
3: Run for more than a minute without seriously losing breath (due to asthma).
4: Tolerate large and noisy social gatherings.
5: Speak Welsh.
6: Smoke.
7: Stand on my head (or hands)!!

Pris said...

I like these. I can't stand on my head, either:-)

Berenice said...

Oopsss...forgot one bit!!

Seven Things That Attract Me to Someone:
1: A genuine down to earthness.
2: Smile.
3: Finding we have something in empathy point.
4: Intelligence...not the academic sort...intelligence from within.
5: A good sense of humour.
6: Honesty about how they feel (be it good, bad or indiffent).
7: Kindness, patience and understanding.

Berenice said...

Ahemmm...May I add an eighth thing to the list of things I cannot do...I cannot spell...spotted a typo!!

Berenice said...

For things that attract etc...number 6...last indifferent not indiffent!!

Berenice said...


Pris said...

Heck, I can't spell either..or type without typos. Okay, so far we agree that we can neither stand on our heads or spell!

Berenice said...

Can you eat spinach, then whistle without spitting the green bits (that always seem to get stuck between the teeth) out??

I can't ;-)

Pris said...

I can't whistle, despite Lauren Bacall's instructions. I've tried and tried and simply nothing comes out but whoooosh.


Octavia said...

Well Pris, I came here actually just to say I was thinking of you with Wilma headed your way. And to beg for some of that rain - we've had a really dry summer.

Got distracted when I saw this post. With my own CFS mess in mind, it is absolutely excellent! And I really enjoyed Bernice's list too. Gotta add this idea to my list of things I'd like to blog about:)

Bernice, I can't swim either!! Dogpaddle or on my back & that is far as I ever got. Every time I tried to tread, I sank like a rock.

Pris, lol, I can't whistle either:) With our dogs, that sure would come in handy!

Pris said...

Hi Octavia
I didn't realize you had a blog now. Glad to see you post!