Monday, October 10, 2005

The Sexiest Woman Alive??

As any of you who've read the newspaper lately already know, his woman was picked by Esquire as this year's Sexiest Woman Alive. Last year's choice was Angela Jolie. Yes, this woman is attractive, but I can't help but contrast her appearance standing next to the magazine cover and the photo in the cover, itself, where she's been made up, posed, air brushed, etc into a surreal image of who she really is--who NOBODY really is. The American Fantasy. We still go for it.

See the article at The Washington Post Online.

Click on the photo to enlarge it.

A poll: Compare the cover and the woman. Which would you like to spend time with, if either?

Second: name the women YOU think is the Sexiest Woman Alive. Eliminate wives (if you're a guy)...yes, we all know they're sexiest...they'd best be or you might get a shiner lol. Go for it! The Esquiring Mind wants to know.:-)


Michael Parker said...

Angelina Jolie.

(Just stating a fact: My wife J is a reincarnation of Wonder Woman, Linda Carter, no lie!)

Pris said...

You'll have to send a photo of your wife sometime. I've never seen her, but she's lucky to be married to such a nice guy as you, for sure!

Angela Jolie..I know men adore her, but I find myself wondering how often she has to have collegan pumped into her lips every time I see her:-) Bad Pris!

I'm trying to think of who I might pick and I find I don't remember the names of actresses that well. I would probably name Sharon Stone as one candidate. Demi Moore, another one. In the seventies, I would've picked Gloria Steinem..brains AND beauty. Unbeatable combination.

jimfow said...

Helen Mirren, as a young woman and even as an older one.


Pris said...

Oh, she IS lovely. And gifted, too. This URL shows a full screen shot of her and a very brief voice over as it comes up.

The older I get, the more the mind of a person creates their beauty for me.

none said...

I second the vote for Helen Mirren. She's on fire.
Also Gong Li.

Lyle Daggett said...

For me it's a dead-even toss-up between Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, and Joan Baez.

If I absolutely have to pick one, then Joni Mitchell (she's been my favorite musician for more than 30 years).

Pris said...

I think Helen Mirren was recently in a movie with Robert Redford, The Clearing, but darn, can't remember now.

Lyle, you picked some beauties, too. Joan Baez has such a timeless beauty, as does Joni Mitchell. When I was sailing from Boston to Florida, meandering around in the seventies, we anchored out in the Vineyard..decided to go to shore for a drink and food to get off the boat a bit. The barkeep and band that came in to play all thought I was Joni Mitchell. My hair was lighter from the sun and some freckles had come out. I was generally her shape and had the same cheekbones, but not her mouth. It was fun being her for a minute:-)

John said...

All these actress models look alike. Too flawless. Creepy. (ahem) Excue me but I'd rather get it on with about 80 percent of the women I see out in the public everyday. Like you know, people who don't have millon dollar exercise coaches.

Seen an old silent movie the other day with a very young Joan Crawford. She was pretty damn sexy in this film.


Sexiest woman alive is whoever is turning me on at the moment, physically near me.

There was about 15 of them today.

Pris said...

Hi John
I know..I'm the same way with 'flawless' men. These men with 'roped' muscles (is that the right term?), hundred dollar plus haircuts, expensive suits, perfect faces etc leave me cold. Give me a flawed man any day of the week. If his hair's unruly, hey I'll comb it:-)

Geoff Sanderson said...

I once saw a video of some poet sending messages to her friends, and I thought she had such a sexy voice - especially after I heard her reading her poems. Her name was P- something, can't remember; now, she could comb my hair anytime - I think of her as the older, intellectual man's fantasy-babe :-)

Pris said...

Now the true G comes out:-)