Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Featuring Jim Fowler, the winner of my halloween challenge!

I've always admired Jim Fowler's poetry, anyway, so this is a marvelous 'excuse' to post one of his poems. Thank you again, Jim. Jim has the remarkable ability to write about subjects ranging from painful to sensual and reach in and touch the human essence in his writings. I always look forward to seeing his poems whenever they appear on the net.

Survival Rate

They took the lump and nodes
she said with a twisted smile.
Widow slim and gray, no man
to rest on the missing breast.

Hopes for a cure, lies down
weakly to radiation, her deadbeat
brother-in-law, a reluctant chauffeur
to medicine's assignation.

She returns to the daily casserole
uneaten, wonders why he doesn't
care for her cooking. Instead,
Jack D. and bags of Doritos,

a new pain in the missing flesh
once in her husband's hand.

James Fowler


Michael Parker said...

Very nice, indeed. A fine tribute, Pris!

Pris said...

Yes, he's a fine writer.

jimfow said...

Thanks, Michael and Pris, for the positive comments.

Pris said...

you be welcome:-) they're well deserved.

Geoff Sanderson said...

A graceful tribute to a fine poet, Pris; I've always admired Jim's economy of words, and his ability to say so much with so few. G.

Pris said...