Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Not again!!! Hurricane Wilma

Well, it was just on the news. Hurricane Wilma is forming in the Caaribean with a track up first through the lower Gulf, then northeast across Florida and is coming across West Palm, where I live, on Saturday. They're expecting it to build to a Category III. Already, the pit of my stomach is crawling.

We'll see what it does in reality, but we have food, hurricane shutters that are easy to put down if it follows the projected tract and, this time, a hand cranked flashlight and a hand-held battery operated teeny fan (yes, it's still in the eighties down here, folks!).

At least mama cat and her kitties are safely ensconsed inside our garage and we're as ready as we'll ever be.

How do I tell my tummy that, though??

P.S. If I can be grateful in the face of a possible hurricane, it's that it's not now predicted to go straight up the Gulf and hit the New Orleans area again. They've had enough!


Michael Parker said...

Oh great, this is all you need to worry about. I'm hoping the best --that it will swing one way or the other, and miss you altogether.

Pris said...

Oh Michael...I hope it misses, too!

Coloratura said...

sending 'diversion' vibes from the West Coast... hope you and the kitties stay out of harm's way!

Pris said...

Thanks! I hope it just crawls to a screeching stop and no more come this year. Whew!