Sunday, November 25, 2007

OK, by popular demand..some of my 'kinda look like Joni Mitchell days shots':-)

As you can see, I don't look really like her, but there were enough similarities that, if someone wanted me to be her, he or she could see it.

Taken in the commmune

on the railing of Little Adventure at the end of a sailing day

In Harvard Square coffee houuse


Collin said...

I definitely see it in the last two. In the first one you sorta look like Diane Keaton.

Pris said...

Hey, I'll take both:-) Thanks.

Lyle Daggett said...

Yeah, I also definitely see the Joni Mitchell resemblance. (I can kind of see Diane Keaton too, Collin having mentioned it.)

Joni Mitchell is my favorite musician.

A number of years ago, at the time Joni Mitchell's CD "Turbulent Indigo" came out (with a self-portrait of her on the front, painted with a bandage around her head like a Van Gogh self-portrait), one night she was on Jay Leno's Tonight Show, billed as her first live T.V. appearance in 25 years. I caught a chance mention of it shortly before it was on, and watched.

Leno introduced her, and she came out alone, with guitar, in a long dress, and stood on an intricately patterned rug in front of a mike on a mike stand, and did a song from her new CD. Just herself singing and playing guitar. It was stunning, one of the most riveting things I've ever seen. Then she sat and talked with Leno for a few minutes, and that was that, almost.

A few nights later I dreamed that I went with a friend to visit Joni Mitchell at Joni's house. (I take the liberty here of calling her by her first name -- it was my dream, after all. :-) -- The three of us decided to go somewhere, going out to eat or something, but I said I didn't have anything to wear where we were going. And Joni said "Well, you're welcome to borrow something of mine." And she went to a back closet and took out a richly colored shirt or blouse, something like that, no buttons, a loosely cut pullover with loose full-cut sleeves. I couldn't imagine that anything of hers would fit on me, but I tried it on and it fit. And as far as I can recall, the dream ended there.

Sometime after that I told the dream to a friend who knew much about mysterious arcane things, and she said that in the mystery religions of the ancient world, putting on a richly colored garment was ritually symbolic of marriage with the Goddess. Well, if anybody would show up in my dreams as the Goddess, it would be Joni Mitchell.

I don't imagine myself to be married to the Goddess, or to any goddess (darn the luck!), but in the years since I had the dream, I've gone back into it from time to time, at moments of fear or crisis, and it's helped me to find a kind of power or centering that has helped me get through.

Haven't gone to the Joni Mitchell video yet (I have dial-up and You-Tube videos take a while to load), but will check it out when I get a chance. Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

These are lovely Pris. You look so relaxed and serene...