Saturday, November 03, 2007

My WHOO HOO Jimmy Choo Shoes in Empowerment4Women

You'll find the poem under the link, Expressions, in Empowerment4Women, a fantastic journal well worth checking out.

Cover art by Lidia Simeonova. You'll find a link to her work in the journal.


Middle Ditch said...

Hi Pris

Glad you had a good time despite the noise and bed. It's never easy to get used to a new bed. Really pleased that your dog is better. Middle Ditch 7 is posted. It's a little flat but that is because we had trouble recording it (it took four takes). Also it was written before we did any recording at all and I have since learned not to have so many people in one episode.


Pris said...

Hi Monique
Thanks for your note. And isn't it true that we learn as we go in these things?? I'll get over there next to check it out.