Sunday, November 18, 2007

American Poet Series by Didi Menendez

Didi Menendez, publisher of MiPo productions and gifted artist, is painting American poets who send her their photographs and whom she then chooses to paint. I was very fortunate to have a painting of myself done, since I love Didi's work. Click on American Poets ( to see her portrait of me.

This was painted from a younger photograph. I was 30 and sitting in a Harvard Square coffeehouse when my friend snapped the photo. I think this is one of the best earlier photos of myself that I have and Didi has turned it into a painting that will soon take an honored place in my home.

Thank you, Didi!


Middle Ditch said...

Have you see the painting? I have, it's on Didi's blog. It's gorgeous. She's good!

colleen said...

Oh my, I'm going to be late for my Scrabble game with Mara. I just got lost over there and following links beyond. I just had to read the Billy Collins interview.

The portrait is wonderful. I imagine you looking down on your notebook full of words from something you are working on.

Pris said...

Yes, have seen the painting. It's outstanding! And Colleen, wasn't that a good interview? The two articles by Michael Parker mesmerized me, too, and I've already ordered Lee Herrick's book. I love his poetry. Not to mention he's among the nicest poets I've met online.