Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My goodness...they let the animals out of the zoo!

I WENT OUT AGAIN TODAY!! I was on my last ream of paper and had put my last cartridges into my color printer so decided to go for it. Went to Office Depot.

I remembered they usually had one of those driving things at the door. My first time on one. The interesting thing is that I can never get anybody to answer questions in there. This time, a sales guy asked what was on my list and LED me to every single item. It was so nice because even tho I was riding, that store is big and I was swimmy dizzy halfway through following him around. Had a few near misses with some of the stacks of stuff in the aisles and one sales person moved pretty quickly to get out of the way when she spotted me weaving in her direction. :-) Left the paper in the car for the husband to bring in and got in the other stuff. Picked up a box of Christmas cards, envelopes and, of course, a candy bar.

Feel a bit limp now so I'm gonna crash. WHEW. The citizens of Lake Worth are safe again yet another day


Middle Ditch said...

Well done Pris, what an achievement. I had to smile at the way you wrote that story down.

Pris said...