Monday, November 26, 2007

Featuring the fantastic art of Anita Kreituse

The website of Anita Kreituse opens with these words..

Since Anita was a child she often felt the coexistence of simultaneous worlds at the same observation point. Worlds which are so difficult to describe. Worlds which do not compete for dominance but rather complement one another.

So she started to paint instead of talking about what she feels, what her dreams are made of.

I'm uploading a couple of her piece of work in large (when you click) so that you can see more closely her brushstrokes and the intricacy of her paintings. A trip to her page is well worth your time.




Middle Ditch said...

Thank you for your e-mail Pris. I will now go and have a look at this artist.

Pris said...

You're welcome. And I hope you enjoy exploring more of her.

Middle Ditch said...

I did!

Pris, I posted episode eight on Middle Ditch and the serial has had it's first episode broadcast last Saturday. In a few weeks time another internet radio station also is going to send it out. Yippee!!