Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Phil Ochs

I heard Phil Ochs sing in Massachusetts the night we gathered for a protest march the following day. We sat in the hills, our two-man tent set up so six of us could sleep sideways like sardines afterwards. A a make-shift stage was set up below us, beneath a clear, but chilly starry night. It was a time to remember.

Phil Ochs killed himself the following year. I love his music and his death was such a waste. Found this snippet of him on YOUTUBE. If it buffers a lot, just let it run through once, then hit 'play again' and it'll play smoothly the second time.


Endment said...

What a long time ago --- you are right - what a waste of his life.
I enjoyed the little snippet - it is better the second time.

Pris said...

This is also one of my favorite songs by him. Wish I could've seen him sing it all. It's one he didn't do that night.

Pat Paulk said...

You have excellent taste in music!! I love these musical journeys you take us on!!

Pris said...

Hey Pat...I'm glad you enjoy!