Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Day

No particular post for Easter Day. I would guess this is family day for a lot of you. If you're around and want to say hi tomorrow, do so. I'll be here with no plans and checking in.

I'm adding a midi I like. I haven't yet figured out the coding to put on an Odeo greeting. Click the arrow to start the midi and the dot or square to stop it. It's called Argentine Tango.



Queen Neetee said...


I Love Tango music! And to sit here in the quiet while it plays is wonderful.

Thank you!

Pris said...

Great! I'm glad you enjoyed. Now when I hear Tango music I always think of that wonderful dance scene in The Scent of A Woman with Al Pacino.

Endment said...

Pris, thank you for the lovely musical interlude.

Pat Paulk said...

Made me stand up and twirl an air Goddess up in my arms. If I only had a rose... Loved it!!!

Pris said...

Pat, If you ever do that, take a picture and send it, okay?:-)