Friday, April 28, 2006

A Music Break

For some reason I can't get this old song out of my head. Sleep Walk, recorded by Ritchie Havens, also Santos and Johnny. Who knows why a song grabs us and won't let go till we've listened to it a thousand times, plus, but some do. I have the version by Havens on my computer, but have to post a midi version of it here. Hit the right arrow to start and it plays once.

Try this. Write down what images go through your head listening.

For me, it's a darkened room. People are all around sitting or dancing, but hard to see. I'm dancing with a stranger, but someone I'm attracted to. It's magnetic, tho I know I won't see him again. We're drawn by the dance and the music. Only the dance and the music. When the song ends we'll go our separate ways, but we won't forget. One of those slices in time that strangers occasionally share spontaneously.

Oh, a story....Back in the eighties, my husband, a neighbor and I went several Christmas seasons to a Festival of Houses, renovated homes in an old section of town. For a pass you got a map, entrance to each house, champaigne and munchies. At one house, a man was playing the piano. About five of us stood around to listen. When he broke into a ragtime number, the man standing to my left suddenly started with a soft shoe. I'd taken tap in grammar school, but one never forgets some things, so I joined in. First I followed his moves, then he followed mine. When the music ended, my husband's mouth was hanging open. 'Why didn't you tell me you could tap dance?' he said. 'There's a lot of things about me you probably don't know,' I told him.

I would venture the same is even more true now.


Pat Paulk said...

Ahhhh, yes, teen dances when belly rubbing was new and life was contained in a song, a moment, and a kiss (if lucky) to dream on!! Good way to start Friday!!! Thanks!!

Endment said...

my imagination gets caught in memories. Oh- those 60's memories! :)
Great music!

Pris said...

Yes, back when everything was just starting and magic still danced on our doorstep every morning...

Ellen M Johns said...

This piece of music launched me straight into a scene from "Grease" the movie, where everything seemed so clean and fresh and innocent.

Pris said...

I know. Sometimes I wonder if those times really were more innocent or if I only thought they were because of my age. I do know that in my town, nobody locked doors except at night. There were no guns or knives in the schools. And so on. Now, in that same little town, nobody leaves their door unlocked and guns and knives are a major problem. Not much innocence there.

Geoff Sanderson said...

That music reminded me of all the 60s / 70s American movies I've seen. I drifted away, and found myself in a dimly-lit bar; a small combo was playing quietly in one corner, people were sitting at tables, some were dancing slowly, on the spot.
Through the gloom, an attractive blond girl drifted by, eyes closed, dancing on her own.
Somehow, we collided: 'Oh I'm sorry...' 'No, it was my fault...' 'Shall we ...?' and we found ourselves dancing together in a dreamy, 'this can't be happening' fashion.
The music ambled to a conclusion, I stumbled against a table, looked around to apologize, turned round to find the girl was gone. Did it really happen, was I day-dreaming?
I found my way to the bar and asked the bar-tender 'Did you see a blond girl in here just now?'
'You mean the blond you were dancing with? Her name is Pris; don't know her other name - just Pris. She comes in here every Saturday, dances with a stranger, then slips away. Strange thing: you see all these guys along the bar, watching the dance floor? They've all danced with her at some time, and they come in here every week, looking for her; but they never seem to see her when she takes the floor with a new stranger.'

I've been going to that bar, listening to the same kind of music, watching the floor and the couples swaying slowly in the dim light, for the past forty years now; but I've never seen that blond girl again.
I wonder what happened to her?

Pris said...

She became a ghost, fated by a long ago curse, only to be seen by strangers, never men she's danced with before. She doesn't dance with the bartender. If so, he'll never see her again, either.