Sunday, June 19, 2005

When she was still..

....called 'Priscilla' and he was called Eddie. Yes, I still have out the old photo album, so decided to humiliate myself one more time. I honestly think this is one of...oh maybe five of the worst photos of all times I have of myself. Those glasses. Egads. This was a newspaper shot. Four of us had been selected for All Clinic Band. I played the clarinet. Two years younger than I was, Eddie played trombone. He was in my mother's first grade so I had known him forever. Now I'm 'Pris' and he's 'Ed' and he teaches creative writing at the University of Colorado. One of the nicest and kindest men I still know. He puts lights on the Chesterfield, South Carolina Hospice Christmas tree each year for my parents and I do the same for his mother. We both continued to love each other's mothers over the years.


Anonymous said...

Ed has a nice, kind face - you can see he would grow up to be kind and a good friend!
As for Priscilla, I think she looks lovely - intellectual, cool, butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth kind of girl. I should think she got the school prize for good behaviour, and went on to become a writer or poet or something terribly intellectual like that.

G Snodgrass-Peabody

Pris said...

Oh G,
You're full of it. Comes from being raised in England, I suppose :-)

Geoff said...

Pris, I see my awful cousin, George Snodgrass-Peabody, has been poking his nose in again! He's one of those terrible geeky guys who has hacked his way into my computer, and goes around leaving daft remarks on people's blogs, getting me into trouble. My aunt Ermintrude married a nice man called Snodgrass, but he died young, and she then married that jerk Peabody; George was - fortunately - their one and only offspring. He was apalling, but suffered an awful fate - his family banished him to America!
Just ignore him - he can't stand indifference. Geoff.

Pris said...

Oh no..he's in America?? He may be following me right now! Call him home.

Michael Parker said...

That's not a bad picture of you, even with those glasses. Very nice post too.

Pris said...

Thanks, Michael. YOu're a true gentleman. And yes, Eddie is a treasure.