Friday, June 10, 2005

Verse Libre

The new issue is out. Click HERE to read.

I have a couple of poems in there but, of more importance, take a look at the art/photography of two of my favorite people. Geoff Sanderson of England is the most fantastic photographer I know and he's a good friend besides. He's always there for me. He also makes the best marmalade I've tasted. Yes, he cooks and he and Jill shipped me a batch from England. Jill, his wife, is an excellent artist, featured in last month's Verse Libre.

I'll brag on Jerry Dreesen's work next. Jerry came out of retirement to become Haiga Editor for Simply Haiku and his work sings. He and I have posted haiga together for probably two years now. He always encouraged even my strangest attempts and is convinced I have a flair for unusual creativity.

Thank you Geoff and Jerry for being part of my life. You're the greatest!


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Geoff said...

Hey Pris, you always do go OTT, but now you're making me blush (now, let's see - have I got a blush left in me? Hmm ... nope, I used them all up 60 years ago, by the time I was 15). Thank's for that plug, I appreciate it - and it was a thrill for me to find I was sharing an issue of VLO with you and Jerry. G.