Saturday, June 04, 2005

Other Days

This was my grandmother when she was a child. This photo fascinates me. A different world back then. What is she thinking, I wonder? Can you guess?

(I never met her. She died when my mother, next to the youngest of six children, was 13 years old. My grandfather died five years later when a drunk driver drove him off the road. My mother had just started her first year of college and suddenly had no home to return to)


Geoff said...

That's a sweet/sad story Pris - how good if you could have met them both, and asked grandma what she was thinking when that photo was taken.
I thought at first that was you sitting on her knee! I'll have a guess at what she was thinking: 'When I'm married, I shall have a real baby girl on my lap, instead of this doll; she will grow up to be a great beauty, and she in turn will have a beautiful daughter, who will grow up to be an intrepid sailor, and a famous poet known and loved all over the world.' And it all came true, too!

Pris said... are so sweet:-)

Steven Moore said...

I suspect her mind is clear; her spirit is certainly strong.

I love old photographs as well - so evocative (my favourite is the one of Emily Dickinson at age 17, with whom I am desperately in love). We have little time for ancestors in our culture, but they are in fact extremely important. If do not know from where you stem you cannot really know yourself.

Have a good day Pris. The sun is shining here and the garden is beautiful.

Geoff said...

Hey Pris, who's this Steven Moore guy who is in love with Emily Dickinson? I'll have him know that I'm in love with her too! 'Hope is the bird with feathers / that perches in the soul / and sings the song without the words / and never stops at all..' - I mean, how could a man not be in love with a woman who writes like that?

Pris said...

Steven is a Brit, too...must be why you two have so much in common:-)