Monday, June 13, 2005

Profile pics from the weird unpast

Got a fav? Pick one.







Anonymous Poet said...

Number five down. The one with the bottom cut off. We can see most of you -- but you leave us wanting more.

inlow said...

#3....a "Come Fly With Me" picture.

Pris said...

hi ap..thanks. i posted a comment on your blog on your sales post.

glad to see you're still around. if you have a site where you're writing now, let me know. i miss seeing that.

Berenice said...

The has to be the eye. I remember you taking that pic. Feels like a long time ago. i'm sure it wasn't. Yup, the eye, the mirror to your soul Pris. B xx

Pris said...

I'm a bit partial to the eye, too:-)

Anonymous said...

My Fav Pic: Your right paw - so neat.

So neat, the Right foot of a paw-et
(She's ashamed of the Left, so don't shaw-et);
Whilst the Right keeps on working,
The Left's always shirking
Since her big dog decided to chaw-et.
William Shakespeare-McGonnagol

Pris said...

I know that's you:-) I heard the English were partial to feet. I promise I'll take one of the other foot one day for you if you behave yourself.

Anonymous said...

How did you know that I was a foot-fetishist? Behave myself? I used to be respectable, but since I got mixed up with you..... If my mother was alive, she'd be turning in her grave now.
WS McGonnagol

Pris said...

HA! I bet your mom knew you had a foot fetish from the moment you sucked on her big toe....and the man blames me .ohhhh.