Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Until Lilies Overpower

When we made our pact,
lilies bloomed from my hands.
I laid them on the graves
of dead lovers.

You were to come in the spring,
wade with me in the seas
where Vikings once sailed,
kiss my breasts until the sun glinted
pink off the morning waters, but

I grow old waiting, love.
My legs are pillars of salt.
The lilies have dried up
and long blown away.
The sea snarls under my toes.

Only in my dreams
do I see you, bearing gifts
of pale luminous gowns
and bright bangles to spoil me.

You lay your body across
mine until an early tide moans,
and I wake suddenly, the scent
of lilies overpowering.

Pris Campbell

Placed third in the 2004 PBL competitions


Geoff said...

Pris, I seem to remember reading this somewhere before - is it in your Abrasions book? Whatever, it is one of my favourite poems of yours, so poignant and with a beautiful ending. I wish I had just half your talent!

Pris said...

Hi G
Yes, it's in that book. Thanks for remembering and liking. When I'm up to snuff again, I have a number of poems I want to submit to journals, but haven't yet. And you're a wonderful poet!

Michael Parker said...

This is a masterful poem, Pris! Wow! And your picture you have preceeded this with is beautiful! I love the ocean. This post made my morning.

Pris said...

Thanks! I love the ocean, too. That particular shot was taken Christmas season a year ago over at Palm Beach, which is across the waterway from us. We were driving along the ocean and an early full moon came out. I had my camera and voila, a photo I really like, too.

sakuo said...

Suddenly I remind Utrilo in Paris,
I don't know why ?


sound of tide
walking on Viking shore
lilies white


Pris said...

I like that, Sakuo!