Friday, June 24, 2005


My first new haiga in almost two months.


Geoff Sanderson said...

Pris this is such a tender dip into nostalgia - all those innocent little faces, everything yet to come.
So good to see you working again, too - just a straw in the wind, but I'm sure the day will come soon when you toss up a whole bale! G.

Pris said...

Hi G
This was taken at the Presbyterian Church in Pageland. I remember those much fun to splatter in paint and play. (Don't tell anybody, but we listened to the lessons so we could get to the really fun stuff as soon as possible..shhhh)

I'm still in touch with the little girl in plaid. She has three married children now and three grandchildren.

Steven Moore said...

Hi Pris

Lovely work. The poem has real richness & tension. Reminds me of Bucky Fuller's famous maxim - Tension is the great integrity. The faces are wonderful - kids always make me smile.

A pooeem for you

s i l l



Pris said...

Hi Steven
I've missed seeing you. And thanks, both for comment and poem.

Steven Moore said...

I've been lurking.
Reticent almost to the point of dumb insolence.

Pris said...

Well lurker, welcome back :-) Hey, I just noticed your new profile pic. I like.

jose luis said...


Michael Parker said...

Hi Pris. I love the photo and the verse you have attached to it. The girls, as always, looking educated and all while the boys look uncomfortable as if they want to crawl away--probably because they have to sit so close to the girls. Whatever it is, I enjoyed this very much.

P.s. How are you feeling?

Pris said...

I visited your blog and thanked you for your visit there. Hope you got the comment.

I know what you mean :-) NOT an age when boys either like to be photographed OR sit near girls.

I'm off the antibiotic and go in for retesting next Wednesday. As the meds get out of my system, I feel better, but am cautious about celebrating this being over until the test. It's a matter at this point of still staying with one day at the time. Thanks for asking. And how are YOU recuperating? If you don't find this, next time on the puter I'll go over to your blog and ask there.