Saturday, June 18, 2005

Dialing Dialing.....

Click on the below image.

You'll see a larger version of instructions on using a dial-up phone, as taught in 1955. Now, how many of you out there even remember dial up phones?? How many remember party lines? How many remember when you had to place every call through an in-town operator, who usually listened in??:-) (Remember, Windows resizes things to teeny, so click in the enlarge square to see it full size, once open)


azure_erin said...

How fascinating! I can still remember using a rotary dial telephone as a child. My first number was 897-7777, and I remember hating dialing those sevens! I always dialed one too many or one too few. I love the way that "obtain the number of the party you wish to dial" is instruction number one... I can just see my grandmother in Carson City MI using the telephone for the first time holding the instructions and following them to the letter. Thanks for sharing!

Pris said...

Hi Erin
Those sevens will do you in every time:-) Yes, the dial-up was such a mystery in its time and now we wonder how we 'wasted' so much time turning that rotary.

I kinda miss party lines, though. A friend had the town gossip on hers and we'd wait until we heard her sneak the phone off the hook and make up all sorts of outlandish stories. Yes, we were bad.