Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Primavesi by Gustaf Klimt

Another painting and artist I admire, courtesy of the old Artmagick site. The colors are truly magnificent in this particular painting and I love the stance of the girl, staring directly out at us from her surreal world.


Pat Paulk said...

Love this! Very bold, defiant eyes. Thanks for posting. Hope all goes well today.

Geoff Sanderson said...

Hi P - I think this is just one of your many disguises, courtesy of Klimt.

Pris said...

Hi Pat
Isn't she great?? Thanks for your good wishes. I'm absorbing them right now!

Actually his 'The Kiss' is my major disguise. I just can't seem to find the 'Kisser' he paints there. Must've hidden??

Geoff Sanderson said...

P - if you are the girl being kissed in that painting, then I pity you - you must have a permanent stiff neck.

Pris said... I know why it aches:-)

michi said...

hi pris, we haven't really met before, i don't think, but i remember reading your poetry in different zines. i came here via arlene's blog. if you don't mind, i will add a link to your blog to my own.

klimt - ah yes. he has inspired quite a few poems, one of them called "six women", inspired by his portraits of different women. this is the "snapshot" of primavesi:

iv portrait of eugenia primavesi

matronly, hiding her actress past,
she is a garden: peony cheeks,
anemone lips, earthen eyes.

i am lucky to live in vienna where i can actually go and see many of his paintings whenever i feel like. though i don't do it often enough.

i'll come back here. oh and i agree with what you said about arlene, and i enjoyed both her poem and your reply a lot.

all the best,


Pris said...

I'm so glad you visited, and thanks for that tidbit about Kimpt. I didn't know of poetry written to his art before, but it doesn't surprise me. I'd like to add you to my links, too.


michi said...

pris - i know he has inspired ME to write, that snippet is from one of my poems. sorry if i did not make that clear. *S* funny coincidence, i came across a poem last year inspired by a klimt painting, and i had written a haiku inspired by the same painting. it was interesting to see what different images, ideas, lines it triggered.

thanks for adding me, and stopping by my blog!


Pris said...

Even nicer to know that was yours!! And thank YOU for the link, too. Yes, it's interesting to see how differently art affects different poets (or songwriters). Cafecafe (the home of Mipo journal publisher Didi Menendez) has had several challenges with art and the poems are never even closely alike.