Monday, March 20, 2006

A change of pace....the Sand Game

Another Kim Komando fun site. Draw lines under and around the falling sand with your cursor and all sorts of coloured images will form. I did a screenshot of the start of one of mine. Click to enlarge.

Be sure you look at the options under the green to change from pen to grass to other things. Instructions open from a window on the main page.


Pat Paulk said...

This would've bee sooooo much fun in the late 60's!!

Endment said...

This is fun!

I will share with my grandchildren -- when I get finished :)

Pris said...

Hi made me smile..yup a sixties time wouldn've added that extra 'touch lol.

Endment, it's addictive, isn't it??

erin said...

I like this, thanks for sharing. The most interesting thing to me, though, was the Craic Wisely song that went with the game. Peter, my Peter, did the recording, mixing and mastering for Craic. They are local, and really cool! It is neat to see something that Peter did online like that. I will have to show my daughter the game... and peter the song!

Pris said...

It's a small world. Amazing!