Friday, March 10, 2006

The hullaballo about Crash winning at the Oscars

Read Michael Parker's Blog Entry for Wednesday, March 8, and also follow his links to read Roger Ebert's commentary. A lot of nay sayers are claiming Hollywood was afraid to give the award to Brokeback Mountain because of homosexuality. That's patently crazy , in my opinion. The movie has won all sorts of recognitionm already, and is considered a wonderful picture. Homosexuality in it didn't keep that from happening. I saw Crash and loved it. Talk about a movie that faces prejudices square on, that's it.

Now, read Michael. He and Roger Ebert say it far better.

Tell me what YOU think about all this after reading.

Just as an aside, Roger Ebert wrote for the school paper at the U. of Illinois when I attended graduate school. Considered brilliant, he was also pretty eccentric. For a while, he purportedly lived in the tunnel system that ran under the campus along with other oddbeat students and nonstudents (but I wasn't in there, so I can't say for sure:-) Never expected him to end up in the mainstream of reporting or to be such a humanitarian.


Michael Parker said...

If I knew you were inviting guests over, I would have cleaned up the post a little bit. :)

Thanks Pris!

Pris said...

I can't see where it needs any more scrubbing up at all:-)

Ellen M Johns said...

Love is love....whatever.

Pris said...

I completely agree.