Thursday, March 09, 2006

Poetry Month Coming Up

I just got this in my online newsletter yesterday....

Sign Up for Poem-a-Day

Celebrate National Poetry Month with a daily dose of new poetry beginning April 1. Sign up now for our second annual Poem-a-Day offer. We'll email you one new poem each day during April, along with information on how to find more poetry from each author.

The poems you'll receive represent some of the best work being published in 2006, including new poems by Louise Glück, Robert Pinsky, Natasha Tretheway, Stephen Dunn, Joshua Beckman, and Felipe Benitez Reyes. All of the poems you'll read come from books published this year, making Poem-a-Day an excellent sampling of the new voices and driving forces of the poetry world.

For those of you who read my post yesterday, thanks for well wishes. I made it through okay, but slept most of the day after as aftereffects of the anesthesia. No serious problems barring any surprise from a couple of biopsies she made. No ulcer. No hiatal hernia. Just an inflammed stomach pushing up the inflammation into my espophgeal area. She gave me a med that will help that heal. I still feel like a truck ran over me yesterday, but should be back up and feisty soon.



Pat Paulk said...
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Pat Paulk said...

Glad all went well, looking forward to feisty!!

Pris said...

Hi Pat
I am, too!!!!:-)

tom said...

Glad things went easy for you. I've had the old tube down the throat thing and it was uncomfortable. Rest easy and heal quickly.

Pris said...

No fun, is it? I have terrible med sensitivites and that compounds most proceedures for me and creates more anxiety before having them since I don't know what to expect. Yesterday was spent with a killer headache which is lingering in milder form today. Yes, it's rest day, with a few jaunts to check email.

Michael Parker said...

Thank you for this, Pris. Last year, I blogged the whole month on poetry and it allowed me to get to know so many new poets. I know right now that I won't have that amount of time to spend this year on a project like this so signing up with this is a great alternative.

Pris said...

I'm looking forward to these, too.

Endment said...

Thanks for the update!
Hope you continue to feel better and that your doctors stay on top of the things that are making you feel ill.

Take good care of yourself

Ellen M Johns said...

So glad you got through it O.K. Pris.
I have assisted in the procedure and it is NOT very nice at all. Very invasive! My ex-husband works in the "scope" clinic one day in every working week.
The results sound positive, so hopefully a weight off your mind.
B has been keeping me updated on what's been happening.
Back in the land of the living after a week of "throb".

Ellen M Johns said...

Forgot to comment about the "poem-a-day".
It will be interesting to see what the most up to date poetry published has to offer. Thanks for the link.

Pris said...

Hi Ellen
You're welcome and yes, I'm still worn out from that proceedure. Meds really take a toll. I'm glad you're better, too! That's always good news.

Pris said...

Thanks for your encouragement!