Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Lake Worth, Florida (click to enlarge)

Since our area has been sort of a 'hurricane alley' these past two years, I thought I'd like to share where I live and show how exposed so many parts of the city are. Lake Worth is considered to be a suburb of West Palm Beach, an hour and a half north of Miami on the Southeastern tip of Florida. Lake Worth does, however, have its own municipal government, library, and beach, which is across Lake Worth Bridge you'll see on the map. Once across, if you head north on the island for about five miles, you're at Donald Trump's mansion, the old Mar a Largo. I live in the unincorporated area off of Lake Worth Road to the west of this map, about a mile and a half west of the part you'll see in the photo. To see more of the area, here's a mapquest site map that can be zoomed or moved from east to west.

For those of you who read my blog fairly regularly, you'll recall photos taken over at the ocean from an earlier post, but here's a shot showing one of the sidewalk cafes that are all over downtown, along with antique shops.

Below is the ocean close to dusk, after the sun worshipers have gone and the walkers, joggers, and beach critters take over.


Michael Parker said...

Cool pics, Pris. I'd love to run on those cobblestones and that long stretch off beach front!

Pris said...

Lots of runners at the beach at the end of the day when the sun worshipers go home. Very peaceful around that time. You would indeed love it. Re the sidewalks, once you get past this area in the picture, there's also a small park on the waterway with a sidewalk along that bit of water and the huge park to the west by two and a half miles with a runner's?/bike trail around a huge lake.