Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Nothing creative today..

Yesterday when an old friend, who's moved away from the area, stopped to see me as she passed through town, the dog raced for the outside when I opened the door. My husband, clearly not thinking, dived on all fours to grab the dog, throwing himself against my legs. I flipped over him backwards and took a hard fall. I'm fortunate I didn't break anything, my first fear, since my bone density levels have tested low for several years now. The blow, however, has set off both a bout of pain down one side from the fall, itself, as well as that tell-tale fibromyalgia burning throughout my body that a blow to the body can cause.

I guess I'm feeling overwelmed right now. The test down the throat last week has been difficult to come back from, leaving my tmj inflammmed, as well, and my system vulnerable to a cold that piggybacked in, knocking me flat, already.

Yes, I'm discouraged. When I go on overload...when too many things happen at one time, it gets hard to deal with it all.

I'm typing this standing up. I've had a tylenol but sitting is almost impossible.

I'll be back tomorrow.



Endment said...

Your graphic description is wonderful

I send you lots of sympathy... I don't know of anything that relieves that kind of pain ---

Erin said...

Oh Pris, I hope you get to feeling better soon! Can you take aspirin type pain relievers? Bayer Migraine kicks most anythings butt.

Pris said...

Thanks, both of you. Erin, can't take aspirin things. They're even harder on the stomach. tylenol has been about the only pain reliever I can handle and even it is bothering my stomach after having to take extra this soon after I just started feeling better from the med.

Right now I'm trying to alternate between standing up and moving around, for the esophogeal pain, and lying down, since I can't sit.

Ellen M Johns said...

Sorry to hear this Pris...like you've said, it's a wonder there were no broken bones.

You will no doubt still be sore in the gullet region. Jeepers, it all comes at once for you.

Take care.