Monday, November 16, 2009

The Virtual Tour of my book begins with Thirteen Blackbirds blog (Ed Nudelman)

An exciting new way to share a book has entered the blogging world. So many times an author can't do readings for time, financial or health reasons An author also usually can't tour far out of his or her geographical area.

This concept is called a Virtual Tour. How exciting! The idea is for a basic 'chunk' of information to go to each blog hosting the tour along the way, but with something new and unique added at each stop. Ed Nudelman has certainly taken this tour and made it his own. Thank you, Ed, for doing such a good job.

To read the first stop in the tour go to Thirteen Blackbirds. Please leave a comment on his blog. If you have any questions I'll be checking his blog and this one to answer them. When new things are featured, the tour will still be easily found in the top right column by clicking the 'Poet Series' link.

I'm also asking that any readers of my blog who both have a good readership and would be willing to host this tour for a week or perhaps longer volunteer a leg. I'll post links to all stops along the way. You don't have to have a poetry blog to volunteer. Lummox Press and I will send the basic package to you.

Now let's see if this is an effective way to sell more books! Thanks, all of you for participating via your readership!



cinderkeys said...

Interesting idea. How do you find hosts for a virtual book tour?

Pris said...

I started by asking Ed, since I knew his blog would be a good starting place. For the next one I'll either wait until someone with a well read blog offers or ask someone else. Over the years I've met a lot of people who have a blog so I'll play it by ear and see.

cfswarrior said...

I have no idea how to host something like this but I'd love to be part of the virtual book tour so I am volunteering my blog.

This is a wonderful idea!

Pris said...

Thank you! I was going to ask you but didn't know if it would be imposing on your energy too much. Lummox and I have developed a set package of quotes, a longer interview (with more questions hitting on CFS), a link to me reading and it's all in a word document that you could just copy and paste.

If you introduced it with a brief statement that you're hosting a book in a Virtual Tour across blogs and this one was written by someone with ME-cFS, that's all you would have to do.

After it's been featured at Ed's blog for a while with couple of weeks in between, we can do it. I'll ask him how long it'll be the top post.

We can exchange email addresses before then.

Thank you. Thank you.