Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sailing Days

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This is the marina at Hull, Mass. We moored in a hook of land in front of it for two years before the six month boat trip in 1977.

A haiga made from a shot taken while anchored at St Michael's in the Chesapeake Bay. An old boats race was underway. These boats had no keel. A long board was inserted under the lip of the cockpit, extending out over the water on the other side. The crew crawled out and sat on it. Needless to say, when the winds were up, just finishing the race was a challenge. We set our own crab trot line and feasted for free during our stay there. The waters were still good then. All females were thrown back to replenish the population.

This is me, taken once we entered the waterway at Norfolk , VA.


Middle Ditch said...

Hi Priss,

Thanks for your kind words on Middle Ditch 6. I will now try and leave a comment on chick flick. I tried this a couple od days ago but somehow it didn't get on.


colleen said...

The house gives me a chill and makes me feel homesick.

Gawd, so much excitement meeting you in the last two days that I can't even think about answering the email yet. I will pick it up again soon, but visiting blogs and making comments is easy enough. I love to see what you're up to and you look great in pink!

Pris said...

Hi Monique
I got your note on the other and I've added Middle Ditch under my Funny links to the right.

I know, Coleen, I can't sustain daily long conversations, either:-)

Collin said...

I love this area of America. One of my best friends lives in Norfolk.

Pris said...

Hi Collin. Isn't it nice through there??