Saturday, October 27, 2007

Countdown to Halloween--30 years ago this month

(these are entries from my logbook from the sailing trip of 1977)

Lognotes Oct 23-Oct 29 Moored at Bucksport, S.C. and picked up by my parents to visit our home in Pageland. Returned to the boat loaded with vegetables from my father's garden..sweet potatos, eggplant, tomato, watermelon, mustard greens, okra and peas (frozen). A feast!
Oct 30, 1977 South Santee River
We decided to make maximum mileage tonight and anchor in the South Santee River. Anchorage area okay. Windward Star and other boats were there. One boat from Cape Cod. We rowed over with Albert, traveling in tandem with us, who needed kerosene and took them some fresh vegetables to exchange. They gave us bacon. Wore my halloween mask in anticipation of tomorrrow.

The sunset was beautiful tonight. Albert and Suzanne joined us for fresh fried eggplant and green tomatoes for dinner.
Oct 31, 1977 Weighing anchor, bound for Charleston,S.C.
Small craft adviseries on the coast this a.m. We started early. R wore a devil's mask and I wore my face mask whenever a boat passed. Countryside here is low with strong currents and many trees. Midday it began to rain and get chilly , so we cut the run short and anchored in Hamlin Creek, above the Ben Sawyer bridge to dry out. We put our trusty flowerpot (makes a makeshift heater) over the kerosense stove to dry out our socks. It rained into the night. This anchorage is along a cut leading out to the ocean so we set bow and stern anchors to avoid a full swing in the strong tide change and possibly uprooting the anchor. Albert and Suzanne anchored nearby after going into shore for supplies. We were hailed by Windward Star on the radio, a huge sailboat, from Charleston. It was blowing hard there, they said, so they invited us to tie up to their boat when we arrived. Their storm anchor was out. The bridge past Charleston was down so the area was packed with boats waiting to move onward. Late October seas are too rough to go outside and down.

halloween day

...and later, into Georgia on a sunny day..

wearing our 'little adventure' tee shirts (our boat name)


pepektheassassin said...

I love this! I was there, and it was a FINE trip. Well written, like something out of F Scott Fitzgerald. (Updated, of course!)

Come on over to my place and see the Two Gallants on a Utube video my son Pix put up for me...I don't know how to do it.

Pris said...

Thanks. I'm so glad I saved those log books. I keep thinking one day I'll open a blog just on sailing and trascribe the logs along with photos here and there.

Arlene said...

hi pris! it's been ages. i love reading about your sailing days! sounds so exciting.

how are you doing? i'm glad you didn't get the flu shots — i think exactly the same way. my parents and in-laws who got them had the flu afterwards!


p.s. no word from paco. he didn't reply to the postcard i sent. hope he's all right.