Monday, October 29, 2007

Gone from Tuesday through late Friday (hopefully)

Friends aren't using a time share so are giving us the last 3 1/2 days north of here by 3 hours. I still have this cold, but I plan to go. My first away since CFIDS began 17 years ago. Now the problem is the dog. He's never been ill since we had him. Stopped eating late Saturday. To the Vet early this morning. Nothing obvious in the physical so blood was drawn and we'll get it back tomorrow. A teenaged boy is feeding the pets and letting them out so now things are iffy. If the bloodwork is okay, we'll assume he got into something and needs time for it to get out of his system and go. He has an antibiotic now as a precaution. If the bloodwork shows some liver or kidney problem, I just don't know.

My husband wants to delay a day anyway, but for me, with my trouble traveling, to go three hours to spend one day and night and turn around and come right back will only be exhausting and not restful.

Cross your fingers and assume I won't be back online until Saturday.

teddy waking my husband up 2007

Sabrina, the cat we adopted after she moved her new litter into our garage before Hurricane Wilma hit. (the witty 'poem' by Geoff Sanderson of Yorkshire, U.K.:-)


EDIT: Barring anything else foreseen, we're going. It turns out his friends got this week's timeshare for free for sitting in on a sales talk trying to pursuade them to buy. I saw the brochure this morning and it's unbelievable. I've never been anyplace like this. Just on the grounds are conservation walks, all sorts of activities, swimming pools with every building. I'm adding the layout below. We'll be staying in two rooms. BOTH have a kitchen, TV set, bed, etc and the larger room has a jacuzzi in it. This is true opulence! For those with wireless connection laptops, the main building in each area has high speed wireless connections. The room tv's are cable with every station.

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Leigh Russell said...

I read your comments on Middle Ditch and thought I'd pay you a visit. I hope you managed to get away and have a good time, and that the dog's recovered.

Pris said...

Thanks, Leigh..I just posted on your blog. Tomorrow is our leave day IF the dog is better.

Middle Ditch said...

Hi Pris,

What a worry a pet can be. I hope that he gets better. It reminds me of my cat kissyfur. He didn't feel well and had a fever. Off to the vet who kept him in. A phonecall at night. He had a hole in his lung. Apparently he was born with a tiny hole in his lung which didn't bother him too much and for some reason it got bigger. The thing was, he would always cough when he drank. Just him we thought and didn't think anything of it. He was put down the next day. I grieved for months and still think of him. He was so young. Only five and the only picture I have of him is him as a kitten sitting in a shoe. Have a lovely time Pris, you deserve it and don't let this story worry you too much. It was a one in a million chance that an animal can have such a thing. It had to be my lovely Kissyfur.


colleen said...

I imagining you having a great time. So glad it worked out.

steve said...

Hope it all works out ok.