Monday, October 15, 2007

Online talk radio show hosted by S.A. Griffin from last night. Check it out!

The show was fun. S.A. interviewed me and two other poets, Courtney Campbell and Jane Crown, on a number of issues ranging from the changing face of feminism to how online poetry blogs have influenced (or not influenced) our poetry. The joining of the four of us from L.A., San Antonio, Brazil, and Florida was exciting. We also read a couple of our poems. Go to Onward: Blog Talk Radio. The show is now in the upper right-hand blue square. Just press the button to start it going. S.A. couldn't get connected until a few minutes into the show but then it starts moving pretty quickly. Hope you can take time to listen next leisure time.

A link to Onward is in my links column now, as well. The player in that column will play the show until the next one airs next week.

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