Saturday, June 09, 2007

A video reading at

I'm reading (video) three poems at, a site
run by George Wallace and his associate, Michael Mart, for a week. I made a few flubs, but hope they're not terribly noticeable.

There's a spot for comments for those of you who feel moved to make one. And no, 'throw tomatoes at her' wouldn't be one of my favorite choices lol.

I'm excited about this. The video is short so I hope you'll take time to watch. The default player on the site is Quicktime, but you can click your choice of another player just beneath the box. I use Windows Media Player to watch it, myself.

I did this in three separate readings, due to my voice limitations, and couldn't find the shirt I wore in the third (recorded first), hence the sudden change in clothes.


NOTE: Even though I'm featured this week I'll go into the archives, so late readers of the blog can still find me there:-)


sparrow said...

great reading pris! and the poems are some of my favorites! it is nice to know that someone else loses clothes as well. amante is always on me for doing that!

Anonymous said...

That was great. I'm not sure I would perform anywhere near as well as you.

When I'm nervous (ie.during any public speaking) I break out in cold sweats...eeww.

It's a great idea to have poets reading out their own work. The emphasis and tone is performed as they would want it to be. So much better all round.
Kudos to you Pris.

Pris said...

Hi Sparrow
When something moves to the bottom of the drawer..forget finding it for a while:-)

I've given speeches in the past as part of my job but never liked doing them...just had to. Not sure how I would do in a live poetry reading. Well, right now, I wouldn't do well at all since I get disoriented so easily. Gads.

Pat Paulk said...

I can't get it to play.

Pris said...

Hi Pat
I'm assuming you tried the other players, too? I have no clue. Maybe try again if you would and see if it was just a temporary glitch since the choice of players cover nearly all of the ones people use. And thanks for trying!


Pat Paulk said...

Got the video this time but no sound. Damn computer. I'll get it, I'm just slow.