Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Poet Nguyen Chi Thien --The Journey of a Thousand Autumns

I must read this book!

PROFILE: Vietnam poet Thien's prison years left "no time to love"

By Pat Reber Jun 13, 2007, 0:55 GMT

Washington - His words always got him into trouble.

In 1960, Vietnamese poet Nguyen Chi Thien tried to teach the truth about the defeat of Japan in World War II to a Haiphong high school history class.

He countermanded the official communist textbook, which gave credit to the Soviet Union, and revealed the United States was, in fact, the one that ended the war by dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. Read more HERE and HERE. This latter link contains a brief interview.

What a life of courage. What a life of endurance and ceaseless creativity.


Pat Paulk said...

An amazing individual!! Thanks!!

tom said...

yes, sounds like a good book to read.

Pris said...

I just ordered one of his books from Amazon.