Sunday, June 03, 2007

Tom Blessing and Mark Hardenbach collaborate!

These two men are both poets I admire and love to read. I think Mark Hardenbach is probably one of the more prolific poets today. Tom posted his song on Ron Androla's board (It's linked under poetry boards in my links as the Underground Board).

Someone suggested it be put to music. Voila....the result. Below the youtube video are the words to Tom's song. Mark Hardenbach is the one who set them to song. I think this is a wonderful collaboration...and a fun one, too. Rave on, you two!

A Sad Song About the End of Love


i ain't nothin' but an old man
please take me by my hand
lead me outta this sad land
lead me outta this sad sad land

good times won't come again
no the good times are gone
i been traveling this lonely road
too long, yeah, far too long


thought love would be eternal
last forever, so they say
seems forever is a short time
seems i lost the way


i've tried dancing with the bible
and dancing with the wind
but when she left for another
i started dancing with sin


thought whiskey was my savior
but whiskey don't pay for meals
that just an airy illusion
it was either work or steal


i saw her once in Detroit
my flesh began to crawl
i lit out for Chicago
ran into that old blues wall


got down, so far down
couldn't see for tears in my eyes
whatever friends i had
looked at me with despise


i'm so tired of traveling
on liquor and the bus
so tired of traveling
feeling like a wuss


time to be a leaving
can you show me the way
preachers tried and bottles tried
i got nothing left to say



Anonymous said...

Great stuff. You-tube is amazing. To think we can all share together the things we enjoy...when we are spread out all over this big wide world of ours.

Russell Ragsdale said...

I think I hear Buk doing harmony somewhere. Thanks Pris!

Pris said...

Isn't this wonderful? Mark Hardenbach has a number of songs done with special video effects on yooutube. I'll have to get the link to this one to get his user name there..then they all come up. His place was freezing cold when he did them, so he's dressed in a winter jacket complete with double hood.

And yes, Buk would love this:-)

tom said...

thank you for posting this
mark did a wonderful job of editing my okay poem into a song

Pris said...

Tom, put together it's so neat!