Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Okay, Helen, am doing the best I can on this:-)

I was tagged by Helen Losse.

Favourite thing to do on the net (apart from blogging, of course!): Look at art sites

Favourite leisure activity: Reading (when clarity allows)

Favourite Meal: (this happens maybe once a year) Lobster tail, huge salad and something also very rare--fried okra

Favourite Pudding: Banana pudding, homemade

Favourite Drink: Water

Favourite Book: I can't name a favorite. Anything by Alice Hoffman...Illumination Nights was a good one. Carl Haiason books. Tom Robbins.

Favourite Film: Can't name just one here, either.....The English Patient, My First Mister, Murphy's Romance, Philadelphia, A Good Woman, Pride and Prejudice.

Favourite Music: Older Rock and Classical, esp cello concertos

Favourite Quote: “I can sail this boat lying down" Sufi

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Flower: Daisy

Favourite Blog: I plead the Fifth :-)

And now I’m tagging Ellen Johns and Lydia Dunford (when she returns from vacation)


Ellen M Johns said...

Ha. Thought I would just pay and visit and see how things are with you Pris.
Lucky I did. Need to get my thinking cap on for this one.

Pris said...

I forgot to mention it in the note I just sent. Have fun:-)

Helen Losse said...

Hi Pris, Thanks for playing along.

Pris said...

Hi Helen
I got to use a few brain cells:-)

Michael Parker said...

Great list of favorites. I must think on this myself.

Pat Paulk said...

We do have similiar tastes especially fried okra and homemade banana pudding!!

Anonymous said...

Fun. I'll have to take up the cello, just for you...

Anonymous said...

By the way, this evening I switched over to the new version of Blogger -- without any problems. The new version has some serious advantages. I made a post about it on my blog.

Pris said...

Hi Michael and Pat and yummm that fried okra.

Brian, yes, yes, play the cello for me. I'll read about the new version of blogger. When a friend changed over earlier, it was impossible to comment on her blog without having a google password. If I can comment on yours that'll be the big test. Interested, too, to see the improvements. Thanks.

Ellen M Johns said...

Pris, do I post the tag questions and answers on my own blog, is that the idea. Needing some guidance here, you know me!

Pris said...

Hi Ellen (and thanks for all your comments) on your own blog so all your readers can learn your many secrets:-)

Ellen M Johns said...

Hi Pris
Have posted the ''tagging'' questions on my blog and have tagged Imran and Richie...smiles.