Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Even Cowgirls Go crazy Sometimes

In a moment of fifties
RE-run despair,
Dale Evans whips out
her Colt, shoots Trigger,
is unfaithful to Roy
with that masked man's
loyal friend, Tonto.

I swallowed the moon,
she warbles,
(in case a pretrial
explanation becomes necessary)
unzips her June Cleaver,
Doris Day
Princess SummerFallWinterSpring

She plays Moonglow
nonstop on the jukebox
and dances
with sexy Bill Holden
after the drunk
rips his shirt
and his own boozing
and cracked skull
take him to the
land of dead
and crazy,
cowgirls, just waiting
to kill him


Brian Campbell said...

Fun poem, Pris -- especially liked the concluding stanza! (Of course the first two set it up, but I found them harder to get into -- and because of cryptic culture-specific references, future generations, I expect, will find them harder still.)

By the way, on my latest blog post I write about a poet whose story -- and a publishing experience -- I think you'll enjoy a lot. Not to mention her poetry...

Happy New Year!

Pris said...

Hi Brian
Thanks. I know..when I'm ninety, I'll have to publish this with notations below it:-) I wonder how many people in their early twenties still know who Dale Evans is? I don't care, though. It'll force them to look it up lol.

Off to see what you put in your blog now.

Pat Paulk said...

I always knew there was something
hiding behind Dale Evans smile. Most enjoyable read Pris!!

Pris said...

Hi Pat
Thanks! I knew you'd see right through that gal :-)

(and thanks, also, for ordering my chapbook. S.A. Griffin should have the signed galleys back one day this week then he'll collate the chap and start mailing out orders. Unfortunately I didn't get your name from him until I'd signed or I would've personalized it)


Brian Campbell said...

By the way, Pris, I took down the post I refer to above, about the poet I'm working with. In my enthusiasm I forgot about boundaries. I first she seemed quite OK with it, but later it became clear that she was seriously uneasy about "the world" knowing her story, especially via the unfamiliar realm of the internet. She is as I said a very private person, and in fragile health, so I chose to respect her wishes. I'm glad, though, that you got a chance to read about her, and appreciate your comments.

Pris said...

I can understand. I just hope she doesn't change her mind about the chapbook. Her work really should be read if she can allow it.

tom said...

i never imagined Dale that way = but, hey, i was young in those years


Pris said...

It was a well-kept secret, Tom:-) Kind of like everybody thinking Doris Day was the eternal virgin.

Anonymous said...

Pris- I enjoyed reading this at CafeCafe. Well wishes to you.

Pris said...

Thanks. I saw your comments on moon's blog and followed the trail back to your blog. I didn't have the URL anymore.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like this one! :)

Pris said...

Thanks, Andrew. Good to see you again.

Wandering Willow said...

I love this poem! It has such a free feel to it.
(I came here via Birdie)

Pris said...

Hi Willow