Saturday, January 20, 2007

A gift from the talented Diego Quiros

In Michael Parker's latest blog, he posts a graphic Diego did from one of Michael's photographs. Diego has taken most of the photos posted by members of the group cafecafe blog, a Didi Menendez run blog now in the Facebook blogging system, and transformed them into works of art. I'd like to post the one he did for me, as well, by way of thanks and to acknowledge a man who's not only an accomplished artist, but poet, as well.

You can see more of his work at his website, HERE.

Thanks, Diego, and thanks to you, Michael, for reminding me to give this thanks in a more public forum.


Anonymous said...

Pris- you are a special girl

Pris said...

And Diego, you're a gifted man!

Ellen M Johns said...

Have just been off to have a little look. As I always say, how I wish I could paint!

I like the one of ''Eve'', that stood out for me, very much so.