Monday, January 22, 2007

Big Brother is watching!

I downloaded a Kim Komando recommended program called Google Earth. Got the free version. A business version was available for 400 dollars. It shows locations in far greater detail then the free one can.

Below is a view of my street and housetop:

And here is the ocean three miles to the east of my house, with the hole still in the pier from the hurricanes of 2004.

All I have to do is type in an address, then click search and I go there on the map. While countries other than the U.S. aren't as much in the program yet, I found a friend's home in Yorkshire, U.K. and a tiny town where another friend lives in Wales, including the beach road she walks each day to work.

Now, this is my question: If I can see the vehicles in my driveway, the trees in my yard, the boat trailer in the side yard on a free program, what can our government see with its far more sophisticated satellite systems? Were it not for the increasing legalized intrusion into our privacy already, I might not be as concerned, but , under Bush, the government now has the right to open mail without due cause. Will the government soon have shots on file of my next jaunt out to the back yard??

Something to ponder.

And, btw, off the subject, I can't get to my dashboard anymore without going through the 'application' to upgrade, only to be told that one of my blogs is too big to do it now. Whoops, just looked and it's a group blog I asked to be deleted from a long time ago due to lack of energy/time. Just wrote another letter. Perhaps soon I'll be in the new one. Brian Campbell posts that it works really well for him.


Ellen M Johns said...

Gosh Pris...I was only thinking of this the other day. I wanted to send Richie a ''bird's eye view'' of where I am located in our town. After seeing this, I really must have a look.

As far as the invasion of privacy is concerned, any government spies are more than welcome to hang around my back yard, that is if they want to end up with a full-blown migraine, from all the noise and chaos!!! Ha.

I doubt they would make a return visit.

Pris said...

Just google 'Google Earth' and you'll find the free download! I checked out Wales, though, and you can't get close in like these shots but you can get your hometown, see the beach, etc. They're supposed to be working on adding more detail for countries other than the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I had it downloaded sometime back. I am so amazed that I get to see my street down to my apartment!

Anonymous said...

amazing but also disturbing...

Pris said...

Who would've thought even thirty years ago that this would happen. It makes me wonder if the government also has hearing capcity from these satellites. If not, I would imagine they're working on it. Soon it won't be Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. It'll be George.

lynettea said...

Hi Pris, I have had Google Earth for a long time. I found it wonderful to use at first- skimming over the Earth, but found it ran up the megabytes very quickly, so am much more careful in my use now, as I have an allowance per month and pay extra over that.
Which is your house? I would like to visualize you there.