Thursday, June 08, 2006

Your mission...if you choose to do it..

is to use one of the words in the below list in a comment you leave.:-)

Click to enlarge. I wish I had more, but can't remember where I found this batch.

I'll be off the the dentist for a deep filling down into the root, dragging this cold with me. Wish me luck everybody!


Pat Paulk said...

I am guilty of apodyopsis and basorexia, but definitely not batrachophagous!! Good luck!!

michi said...

things will brighten up again. you are not an agelast.

and this is what a-word-a-day sent to me today: floccinaucinihilipilification - i am sure you are familiar with it and its meaning. ;)


erin said...

Speaking of guilt, when I woke up this morning, I was guilty of basorexia when it came to my husband. I love married life.

Sorry you are sick. My ability to get to an internet connection is catch as catch can, so I am rarely online... but I miss talking with you... send me a note when you are feeling better, K?

pepektheassassin said...

Blogger is nuts today. As it was yesterday. Since its free, I guess there is nothing to complain about, but it just kicked me off after I wrote this great post.

This may be a bit of adoxography, and you can call be (as I often call myself) an aeolist, but I found something that might interest you about things posted on MySpace. Apparently if you choose to leave, they OWN whatever you have posted and can use it thereafter in any way they wish. I LOVE your blogs, but check this out. See If Wishes Were Diamonds comment this morning. She's not on your list, but she is on mine.

Good luck at the dentist's!

mavunwe said...

I love your blog dear. Today I'm so cheery sitting here reading it (with a god-knows-i-need-it cup of tea in hand!) that I'm bombilating for you.

Carl Bryant said...

I think I'm coming down with batrachophagous basorexia (an overwhelming desire to neck or kiss one who eats frogs.)

Pris said... guys are good, and pat, thank goodness for the latter. Carl, I'm relieved for you, too:-)

michi, of course i know that word. I'm just not telling. believe that?

erin, will write you soon. yesterday was...oh, don't even want to think about it. i'll be eating pureed food for a few days and dreaming of drills coming at me.

mavunwe...I can hear you..can you do Blue Moon next?

pepe..have read about that copyright controversy on MySpace and the way it was interpreted to me is that they're claiming rights to use the material only on their site, such as when they feature videos or music groups with a link on your homepage when you sign in (something a nonmember doesn't see), not rights to use it outside of MySpace. Those links only lead to what the musician already has up and is actually a boost in publicity for them. Bottom line is who really knows for sure. but thanks for being concerned.

Pris said...

PS Carl, I meant to add that I was relieved since everybody knows frogs turn into princes and princesses!! (we hope, right??)

michi said...

pris, the word means: Estimating something as worthless.
but of course. i'll use it next time i see something crap at the supermarket. *L*

Pris said...

michi..that is a VERY handy word to know:-)

michi said...

yes, pris, and SO easy to remember ... floccsepilisomething, right? ;)

perhaps the word itself is floccinaucinihilipilic?