Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fathers Day (Click to enlarge)

I was lucky to have two good parents. My father died of cancer twenty years ago this Christmas and my mother followed him ten years ago this September. The first photo is their wedding picture and the second, one I especially like, was taken in the late seventies under the mistletoe in my old hometown.
I'm grateful for both of them. I'm thinking of you, Daddy, on Fathers Day!


Berenice said...

Here's to all good fathers on their day!! Your parents look lovely Pris. B xx

Pris said...

Thanks, B..I know you're thinking of your dad today, too.

Ellen M Johns said...

What lovely pics Pris and what an emotive day today is for so many.

Thanks for sharing your parents with us.

Michael Parker said...

These are both great photo's Pris, but the second one displays a wonderfully loving aspect to them. It's cute!
I agree with Ellen: Thanks for sharing.

Pris said...

I love that second one, too. When mother died, she had moved down here so decided to be cremated and then still buried beside my father in Pageland. I was too sick to go, but wrote a Eulogy (she'd already planned her service). My husband drove her ashes to Pageland where remaining cousins gathered and stayed in the homes of old friends there. I had that picture blown up and framed to sit beside a bouquet of flowers and her urn at the Memorial Service. One cousin thought it was too informal and wanted a formal portrait of them where they both looked stiff. I overruled. I wanted their love to share. Who cared about formality??