Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day

Since I imagine nearly everybody in the U.S. will be with family/friends and stuffing themselves with turkey today, no long blog post. I'll be home alone. Health problems prevent a ride up to the in-laws and their extended family/friends, so the husband is going up to join the festivities there.

Alone today, too? Add a comment about your favorite thanksgiving, OR a short poem, haiku..whatever means something to you.



erin said...

Happy Thanksgiving Pris... sorry that you are alone. But know that we are thinking about you, and if we were there, we would bring the party to you!!!

much love, Erin and Pete

Pris said...

Hi Erin
Such a nice thought. I appreciate it. You two have a great day today. Oh, have you set a date yet?

erin said...

We are thinking that we will wait until this time next year... SOOOOO lOOOOONg to wait!!!! But, no official date yet... did you do anything exciting today? Still thinking of you... E

Pris said...

A year IS long:-)

Exciting? I watched Borders with Clive Owen and drooled.

Berenice said...

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving Pris!! We don't do Thanksgiving here in Blighty. I wish we did. In fact we seriously lack any good celebrations. Dull us!!

Pris said...

You guys could do Tea In the Boston Harbor day or Yanks Win the War Day :-)

Geoff Sanderson said...

is the same as solitude --
but with pain


Pris said...

So true. I've been less alone when living alone than in a loveless marriage.