Monday, November 28, 2005

Hard Drive goes belly up

I can still post and respond to comments to my blog from my husband's computer, but they may be more sparse until I can get my own computer back together. First step is getting hold of my tech friend today. We were afraid this would happen, there was so much damage on the hard drive when he was here last.

If you've recently sent me an email, I wouldn't have saved it yet, so write me again. I'll retrieve it off the main bellsouth site.

Thanks and wish me luck!


inlow said...

Hardware hurts, hang in there Dish.

Pris said...

thanks, tech friend is picking up the puter tomorrow night to get the drive in and install the basic operating system. He'll get me back on DSL and my printers going when he brings it back and a few other basics so I can survive. then comes the tedium of not only reinstalling a zillion programs, but putting in my email addys all over again and stuff like that.

I could be 90 by the time I finish!

Michelle e o said...

Sorry about the computer problems Pris.

erin said...

I have faith in you... you will be fine. Interesting: in the middle of you having all this trouble with your technology, I have gone back to writing regular old snail mail letters to my sis in OR... seems simpler somehow... what a frustration that the technology that makes our lives simpler can bring those same lives crashing to a halt!! Best wishes...E

Pris said...

Hi Michelle and Erin
Thanks! And yes,a crash doesn't happen in snail mail, but it's soooo nice to send and get responses when the news is still up to date, esp with international friends. I appreciate your pulling for me!