Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Message from Pris...posted by Berenice.

Pris asks me to post this. She is having major power fluctuations at her house. One trip from the utility hasn't fixed it. Someone will go up the pole Wednesday. If not that it will be Thursday or Friday before the electrician will be there. She can't use her husbands computer till problem is resolved, and there is the possibility it was damaged during one of the fluctuations.

Watch this spot. Pris will eventually reappear.


Webmoron said...

Pris's computer is fixed and waiting for her to sound the all-clear for its return to her house.

I'm relatively certain that the power problems she's been having led to the demise of her computer power supply and hard drive.

Michelle e o said...

Dear Santa-

Please bring Pris a generator this year.

Berenice said...

I've had a hurridly typed email from Pris, snatching the chance while there was some power, to the effect that though there was power she was taking no chances with her husbands pc until the power company had been round to check the lines. Hopefully they should have done this by now.

Yes...a generator would be a very good idea...and/or solar panels even??

Michelle e o said...

solar, much better