Thursday, November 17, 2005

The author in her youth:-)

Seated second to left with the awful glasses. This was my junior year and I was junior editor of the school paper, due to be editor my senior year, but I ended up skipping that year and going on to college. To think, what great tomes I might have written?? Click to enlarge.

Small town living is special. Links between people last since most of us returned to Pageland over the years until our parents died. I just got an email from the person in plaid standing, just over my left shoulder, yesterday. The boy in glasses, far left, grew up two doors down from me and, while he's not a great correspondant, we've also stayed in touch.


Geoff Sanderson said...

Oh my, you look sooo serious - I bet you were a proper little Miss Smartypants, and had everyone whipped into shape. What a pity you didn't go on to be Senior Editor; we might have seen the first High School Pullitzer Prize winner!

Pris said...

That was my external persona. Don't have any pics of me putting rocks in our Civics Teacher's hubcaps:-)

mouse said...

You know I love the "from whence we came" kind of stuff! I like looking out your window, and reading your thoughts too. Be cozy and well!

Pris said...

Hi mouse
Thanks. I love old photos, too. Sometimes I get 'you're living in the past' kind of reaction, but it has nothing to do with that. First of all, it's fun to look at old photos and second, to me, it's interesting to see 'from whence I've come'.