Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keith Jarrett, jazz pianist and his experience with CFS/ME

Renowned jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett, evoking a lot of feeling in me. He was hit by CFS/ME,the same illness I have. He was unable to play the piano at all for two years and still isn't able to perform at his earlier pace,crashing after and between concerts, if accounts I've read about his concert schedules are accurate. Eye hand coordination is very difficult with this illness...just hand coordination with this illness, and the hands grow weak easily. Lights and extraneous sounds are difficult to handle.

Also, according to links I've read, one day when his wife was out, after his first two years ill, one day he felt as if he could play again. He went into his home studio and recorded a simple melody (compared to his power playing) and gave it to his wife as a gift. This is it below.

I have the CD. The other songs are more complex and wonderful, but I'll always love this one. I know what that movement towards getting his life back meant.

Below is the link to one interview about his experience. Please take time to read. It describes how it feels to live with this monster inside you.(This opens in a new Window)


Below is an excerpt from the interview/article:

Jarrett's uncertain pattern of recovery and relapse is not uncommon
to victims of chronic fatigue syndrome, an elusive, misunderstood
disorder, its seriousness undercut by the apparent triviality of its
"The stupid thing is that the name of the disease is so
lightweight," Jarrett says. "It sounds like somebody whining to their
mother, 'I don't want to take the garbage out.' Well, OK, you've got
chronic fatigue syndrome.
"But some doctors say that if you want to give the average person
an idea . . . it's like the last four months of an AIDS patient's
life -- but forever. I know people who have had this who have wished that
they had terminal cancer."

Note: If any details I've posted are inaccurate, please feel free to correct me, with references, and I'll change that in my post.


Jim K. said...

Remember him from long ago.
I checked his discography:
he's always been there.
Knows how to use the silence.

Pris said...

Yes, been around a long time, Jim.

Maxine said...

This piece is stunningly beautiful. What a talented man.