Monday, November 08, 2010

Readership on blog and website

I've brought up this question before as readership on my personal blog (erratically posted to these days) drops to half it was before facebook became so popular. Oddly, I've been paying attention to the stats my pay website sends me every couple of weeks--just part of their service for the 7. 50 a month I pay to be there with my domain name. I have an average of between four to five thousand readers on the website a month. No-one has signed the guest book in years so I have no idea who they are. On a website there's no way of interaction, like on a blog, but that part has dropped, too.

Just an interesting fact to pass on.

I'm still with the cold from hell and no voice going on five full weeks now. My husband is sick, too. Only the dog and two cats seem to be mucus free and racing about the house full of vigor.

My website is HERE. Poetic Inspirations.


Pearl said...

the stats aren't always transparent either Pris. 3rd party software can block some readers from being seen and some read thru software that downloads without being tracked. spammer engines show up in some traffic too just to muddle and mud the picture more. my traffic has gone up since fb but not linearly. who knows what brings people in. some spikes or plummets I can trace and something there's some aggregate change for no detectible reason.

grasshopper said...

I find that feedback on my blog has dropped, not that it was ever high, but that doesn't bother me because I think that blogs are still incredibly relevant as a form of journal of where you are at that given point in your life.

Here's hoping your cold goes sooner than soon. Lucky pets for being healthy!! xxxxx

Pris said...

Pearl, you're right about the stats. I get 'user blocked' on some of the stats from my website. Grasshopper, yes, the blog is for fun. That's why I started it. I just found it odd that in the day of social networks my website continues to thrive.

Yes, lucky pets:-)


Create Attraction With Women said...
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Pris said...
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Jim K. said...


Although, poetry was once
a courtin' device.

Jim K. said...

There was a big flare-up from
5 to 3 yrs ago.

For staying in touch with those
you know, facebook is a lot more
efficient. For bringing new
faces in, the blogs/sites don't
do that as well as imagined.

I think we're still stuck, though,
when it comes to drawing a crowd.
The loop closes on a fixed number
of knowns often.

It's all like mining, but the
geology keeps changing (even for
the good old book).

I think of the blog as a sort
of museum or a cairn. Interesting
bits, low maintenance, not much
for visitors unless something
big happens elsewhere. Still
having cognitive cluttering
and pressuring probs w/facebook.

Pris said...

Jim, it sure isn't courting stuff anymore is it:-)

Yes, blogs are much quieter. I post things here I would never post on facebook...just things that I enjoy putting down into my 'corner of the world'.

Thanks for commenting.

Pris said...

I deleted a comment that linked to a dating website and my reaction. I don't think the site was dangerous but I finally decided it was spam and took it off.

Jim K. said...

It was a lot of fun though...hehehe.
I great 'mused' reaction.

Probably was spam.
I'll forward it to my
Nigerian inheritance lawyer
and my Russian bride. ;-)