Friday, November 12, 2010

They come in fours...

This week and last, I have a poem out in Wild Goose review,The Redheaded Stepchild, and two in Outlaw Poetry. If you're a poet, looking for a good place to submit, I enjoy being in all of these journals.

This is my first time in The Redheaded Stepchild, a journal that only takes submissions that have been rejected elsewhere. Since the rejection rate for Stepchild runs over 80 percent, according to the editorial, it has so many rejections that a new journal has been started (not one of theirs) that publishes 'rejections The Redheaded Stepchild')

I was also featured in The Nervous Breakdown. My poem is HERE and the interview, HERE. S.A. Griffin, poet/actor and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible for American Poetry, gave one of the editors my name, he looked at my work and sent the invite. Thanks, S.A.


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