Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well, it's Halloween again

This is the day my crossbones show. Kind of like Cinderella having to rush home before midnight so the mice and pumpkin wouldn't be discovered, her gown transformed to rags. I'm entering week four of voice loss and this darn virus from hell so my husband is in charge of answering the door when the wee goblins knock tonight. The only problem is, he got hit by something last night and is sitting in the recliner with a dazed look on his face today. He has voice, though, so let's hope the festivities aren't long. Our dog enjoys this more than any of us.

On the positive side, two poems were just accepted by Chiron Review today. I've been in that journal twice before but love it all over again each time. I'm especially pleased since my energy makes me like a snail when it comes to submitting things.

Back to the couch! Happy Halloween.


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