Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sick again

Well, I seem to blog about being sick again more than I do being well. I hope that changes soon. I have the dratted stomach/sore throat/no voice/dizzy bug going around. My doctor says his office has been filled with it. I've made homemade chicken soup with vegetables and am trying to ignore the fact that I feel I need to lie down all of the time with my stomach poked out like I'm pregnant, and painful.

Today, Scott Owens and I were set to appear on the Jane Crown show. You call in from home but yes, you do have to be able to talk. I have poems from The Nature of Attraction (Main Street Rag Press), our recent poetry collaboration collection,  on audio so if there was any chance of voice, Jane would play the poems and I would use my wee bit of voice for discussion. Her Linnux wouldn't play the files properly and since she was dealing with a mute on this end, she decided to postpone the show. My problem is that I never know when I'll be well, have voice, be able to focus on the task at hand for a new show.

Having a compromised immune system truly forces you to live day by day and not count on future plans. You can't. Last year in November my friend, Margie, of 30 plus years now had planned to replicate our three day visit to a condo on the water in November where we stayed in 2008. This was my second 'away' in 20 years. Margie struggles with her health, too, since having two bouts of lymphoma, complete with chemo and radiation. This past year she was dealing with breast cancer on top of that and a bout of pneumonia from where her lungs were damaged by the radiation to kill the unoperable tumor in her chest. It did do that, thank goodness. I was dealing with a reaction to eye drops that left my vision too blurred to see for two months and a severely injured foot. My husband drives us and watches out for us since, at her best, Margie has neuropathy in her hands and feet from the chemo and frequent congestion from that same lung damage.

We want to have a trip this year. Novemeber rates are good. It's not cold there yet. We won't schedule until the last minute, though. Until we think there's a shot we might make it this year. Having a window of opportunity to do something important and losing it is just too hard.

the bird soars
into a maelstrom...
my daily bread



Toni said...

I'm so sorry, Pris. I hope you begin to feel better soon.

Jo said...

I remember the photos from your trip last year. Pris, I think you achieve more than most well people. I love your poetry.

Pris said...

Jo and Toni, thanks. Jo, it was year before last. We didn't make it this past year but hope for this one. I try not to hope too much, though. Day by day....

Thinking of both of you.

Jim K. said...

Oh wishes.
wish I could ship soup.

What a beautiful condensation
in the haiku at the bottom.
Says a lot about life.

Jim K. said...
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Laurel said...

Hope you feel better soon, Pris

Lyle Daggett said...

Coming by and reading. I had something like the bug-of-the-month over this past weekend, my voice gone half the time and I slept a whole lot. Something like 90 percent back from it by this evening.

I hope so much that you're able to make the trip. Truthfully, just the talk of warm places -- this time of year -- gets my feel itching to travel. I don't think we've had frost here in Minneapolis yet this fall, though have come close a couple of nights. (Last year on October 12 had 2 and a half inches of snow.)

I do hope you feel better, Pris.

Pris said...

Thank you all for stopping by. I'm better but my voice is still lingering off in a cloud somewhere.