Friday, April 02, 2010

Steve Vai Tender Surrender

Wonderful guitar work in a haunting, mellow song.


mister jim said...

Heh,,,,pretty hot!
Sounds sweet on my Grado SR60s.
I like the resolution
step at 04:01 especially.

There is an awesome solo
by an artist whose name I never
found, unfortunately. Someday..

mister jim said...

Eric Johnson, "Cliffs of Dover"
..that one too..

Pris said...

A friend posted him on facebook. I hadn't heard of him either. I like Eric Johnson,too. Wow, are they talented!

mister jim said...

Nice to see someone just
do everything they can. In a rock
band Steve Vai can't really explore
all those different flavors.

Pris said...

So true, Jim. I listened to more of his songs and many of the others of impressive but too 'heavy metal' sounding, for lack of a better word for it for my personal taste. His talent is clear, though.

Trée said...

Loved it Pris! Thanks for sharing.

Pris said...

You're welcome!

Brian Campbell said...

Amazing! I had heard of this guy, but didn't know he was so original. How long are those fingers of his???