Thursday, April 29, 2010

Featured in Blogging Along Tobacco Road....Thanks, Curtis Dunlap!

Curtis Dunlap is posting an interesting series right now. He asks the poets he featured to send a photo of themselves either where they usually write or in a place that inspires them to write, then adds one poem by that poet. I'm working my way through the series and am enjoying seeing poets I know and don't know in their favorite spots and am reading very good poetry in the process. Your can see my feature at

Now, before you look, try to guess where you might find me:-)

Curtis, you're doing a great job!

(I'm sure Curtis would appreciate comments on his blog on any of the poets he's featured. Feedback lets us know what's working)


Berenice Dunford said...

Good for you Pris! B xx

Pris said...

Thanks, B!xx